MagIC Net Monitors Intelligent IC Components

MagIC Net is the controlling interface for the range of intelligent ion chromatography (IC) instruments from Metrohm. It facilitates operation through clear symbols and a well-arranged layout that monitors all the components and accessories associated with the IC hardware. MagIC Net is an integral part of intelligent IC and allows logical decisions to be performed - for example, automatic inline sample dilution - and monitors all the intelligent system components (Ipump, Icolumn, Idetector and intelligent dosing units), notifying the user when maintenance or service is required, for instance.

The hardware is equipped with a memory chip that stores device-specific data that can be accessed at any time using MagIC Net. When the method is started, the parameters are checked, ensuring accurate, reliable results every time. MagIC Net includes control and monitoring functions; the control functions graphically display the data while the monitoring limits trigger a predefined alarm that can send an email or turn off the IC in the event of a method violation, for example.

The expiry date and exchange intervals can be set for the validity of calibration graphs, for the lifetime of eluents and standards and for a maximum number of injections performed per column. All the data generated goes into a database from where it can be automatically exported into another application or into a LIMS system. Regardless of whether the IC is operated by an expert or a novice, the interface can be customised accordingly to suit requirements.

If a Dosino is added to the instrument (an intelligent dosing device used for the transfer of sample or dilution or an external rinse station, for instance), it is recognised automatically by the software, while the smart wizard templates make writing methods simple, according to the company. Client-server functionality enables a centralised data administration, allowing all determinations and methods to be stored and accessed by each station, depending upon allowed access privileges.


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