Controllers Enable High-Temperature Processing

National Instruments has released two Compact RIO programmable automation controllers (PACs). These are said to offer engineers and machine builders an ideal solution for high-performance measurement and control applications operating at extended temperatures. The NI cRIO-9023 and NI cRIO-9025 real-time controllers are also available with conformal coating for additional protection of components and circuitry within harsh conditions.

The Compact RIO controllers provide even more processing for advanced measurement and control applications ranging in temperatures between -40 and 70C. The NI cRIO-9023 controller has a 533MHz Power PC processor and the NI cRIO-9025 controller has an 800MHz Power PC processor, as well as dual Ethernet ports for network programming, communication and expansion I/O.

Both controllers work with the existing Compact RIO reconfigurable chassis, which include field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) that are programmed using the NI Labview 2009 graphical system design platform.

Using Labview and Compact RIO, engineers can quickly implement custom analogue and digital control loops, along with high-speed signal-processing algorithms to meet their advanced measurement application needs. In addition to an extended operating temperature, the Compact RIO controllers are available with conformal coating.

This coating is a specially formulated thin film material applied directly to circuit boards or circuit card assemblies and provides an impermeable seal to protect circuitry from humidity, moisture, mould, mildew, fungus, dust and corrosion caused by exposure to extreme environments. Application areas in which conformal coating can provide protection include marine, railway, automotive, factory monitoring, fuel-cell testing and oil and gas refining.


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