Cogent Urges Employers To Shape Vocational Future

Cogent Sector Skills Council has called on employers in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nuclear, oil and gas, petroleum and polymer industries to shape the future of vocational qualifications. Cogent urged employers to visit a website launched to raise awareness of a large-scale overhaul of sector-based qualifications. The site is part of a joint project with Business Link and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, designed to ensure that businesses are at the heart of the changes.

Joanna Woolf, Cogent chief executive officer, said: 'Cogent has already been involved in the development of over 50 qualifications for the new qualifications framework; the new system offers more freedom, choice and flexibility. 'It also enables employers to get in-house training recognised which is ideal for our sector. She added: 'This new framework presents qualifications in a way that's much easier to understand and to measure.

The design of the qualifications will enable providers to deliver more flexible programmes and will be able to improve retention rates by recognising smaller steps in learning. The changes come amid a wider reform of vocational qualifications across all sectors. The Vocational Qualification Reform programme will see qualifications across every industry streamlined so that they are easier to understand and access. The set of bite-size qualifications will have simpler titles and clear indicators of size, level of difficulty and content.

The website provides links for employers to find out more about the reforms process and gives them an opportunity to influence skills strategies for their sector. It includes links to help employers map in-house training to nationally recognised qualifications, work with training providers to develop relevant units that can be taken as part of a nationally recognised qualification and to join forces with other employers in the sector to create high-quality skills and training opportunities.


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