From Printed Design To Moulded Parts In 10 Days

Rubber Industries' Protofast service can mould parts from printed designs in just 10 working days. This Protofast service utilises production-grade tooling and dedicated moulding equipment. It allows faster and more accurate evaluations of the component design. All of this takes place at production speed and with specified colour.

Bruce Nelson, sales manager of Rubber Industries, said: 'Using our Protofast service, designers can evaluate and test various rubber formulations simultaneously. 'We provide complete in-house elastomer testing facilities and formulation monitoring systems to assure materials meet customer quality requirements.

'These include specific industry performance requirements, including contamination, UV and chemical resistance, plus other features such as insulation, bonding and sealing,' he added. Rubber Industries has the staff and ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities to handle most rubber-moulding challenges, from product development and tooling design through manufacture, assembly and packaging.


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