Aerospace Manufacturer Selects Firbimatic System

Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems has announced that an aerospace manufacturer has selected the Firbimatic cleaning system. Cleanliness is important in most precision manufacturing environments but critical in the aerospace industry. Using solvent spray and vapour for the cleaning process and vacuum drying to remove all traces of liquid solvent, the final 'policeman' guaranteeing compliance with the Solvent Emissions (England and Wales) Regulations 2004 is achieved by recirculating the working chamber air via a regenerable carbon adsorption system.

Without vacuum drying there would be the problem of transferring larger amounts of solvent to the carbon system, which results in the removal of the expensive stabilisers. Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems added that Firbimatic technology also guarantees compliance with the European Union Standard Euronorm 12921/4, which requires that the chamber vapour concentration is reduced to <1gm/m3 before the chamber door interlock can be released for access by the operator.


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