Mindtree Releases Bluetooth Low-Energy Stack

Mindtree has brought out the Ethermind Bluetooth low-energy stack on the quad-radio, single-chip Wilink 7.0 solution from Texas Instruments (TI). Mindtree's Bluetooth low-energy stack enables a low-power and interoperable wireless communication between a mobile phone and its accessories. This makes it suitable for applications such as ID displays on watches and data transfers from health devices to the internet via mobile phones.

The Bluetooth low-energy stack supports a broad range of profiles, including PUID, time and network availability, which drive a new breed of mobile applications across a variety of markets. Utilising the stack's maturity and benefits, TI's Wilink 7.0 solution will allow eager developers to get Wilink 7.0 solution-based designs off the ground more quickly and efficiently. The low-energy stack is optimised for low-memory footprint and has APIs that enable easy integration with the resident applications on the platform.

The stack is built on clean abstraction layers and is written in ANSI C, enabling easy portability onto a variety of operating systems and platforms. Mindtree's Bluetooth stack and profiles are qualified for Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and are proven in multiple products for interoperability and robustness by companies such as NEC, GN Netcom and Logitech. The products include headsets, handsets and automotive infotainment platforms.


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