AVX Expands TPM Range Of Tantalum Capacitors

AVX has expanded its TPM series of multi-anode mirror-design tantalum capacitors, offering improved robustness and featuring very low ESR. The D-sized TPM 47uF/25V part offers an ESR of 55mohm. In comparison, a single-anode part in the same package has an ESR of 100mohm. For the E-case device (which has the same footprint but a bigger case size), the minimum ESR is 80mohm.

By reducing ESR by 30 per cent, the new capacitors offer an improvement in filtering capabilities, even to the extent that one part can sometimes replace two standard single-anode devices. Also new in the TPM range, the company has released mirror-design multi-anode parts rated at 35V. The TPM D 22uF/35V is suitable for use in circuits with high currents and voltage spikes where the profiles are limited to 3mm.

It is particularly suitable for automotive battery applications running on 12/14V with very low impedance, where it also offers greater robustness and a lower ESR than single-anode capacitors. Since D- and E-case sizes use an identical footprint, the pad design does not need to be changed if the D-case part can be used to replace the larger capacitor. For higher operating voltages, the TPM D 10uF/50V with an ESR of 140mohm is also available. All parts meet the requirements of AEC-Q200, which is said to be a key requirement for automotive designs in Europe.


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