Briggs Adds DP/GP40-55N Cat Lift Truck To Range

Briggs Equipment has extended its product range to include the DP/GP40-55N Cat lift truck range. The robust DP/GP40-55N range has been designed to offer maximum durability, greater ergonomics and performance for the hardest applications. It also introduces a 5.5-tonne capacity truck to match customer application requirements.

Features include armrest and hydraulic manual control, full suspension seat (with swivel option) and handgrip in the back with a horn button (for jobs where the operator needs to drive backwards). These contribute to reducing back, arm and leg strain and fatigue on the driver while making safe operation easier.

Standard long-life LEDs are in use on the whole range, in addition to the can-bus system and digital display, which help keep unscheduled downtime to a minimum. The display warns truck drivers if an unexpected fault occurs and provides error codes to ensure engineers bring the right parts with them, minimising downtime.

Briggs offers a three-hour emergency call-out, with more than 350 local engineers on call. The DP/GP40-55N range is said to bring power and reliability, as well as new options and design features including the high-visibility overhead guard as part of the panel cabin. The truck has been designed for a range of applications, from ports to manufacturing.


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