CAR-5000 Appliance Is Optimised For Xeon Processor

Portwell Technology has announced the CAR-5000 network appliance, optimised for the quad-core Intel Xeon processor C5500 series paired with the Intel 3420 chipset. This communication appliance provides high CPU computing performance and boosts I/O throughput with an integrated PCI Express 2.0 solution.

Portwell's CAR-5000 server-grade network appliance features a 2U rack-mount chassis, dual sockets for the Intel Xeon processors - with an integrated PCI Express 2.0 and memory controller, high-speed Intel Quickpath Interconnect technology between the two processors, as well as Intel Turbo Boost, virtualisation and hyper-threading technologies - and the associated Intel 3420 chipset to meet high-performance computing requirements with up to 32 PCI Express 2.0 lanes and 12 PCI Express 1.0 lanes.

12 DDR3 memory DIMMs support up to 96GB system memory. The CAR-5000 two-socket, 2U rack network appliance provides maximum performance while supplying a variety of Ethernet interfaces and Ethernet ports, helping reduce energy and deployment costs. The high concentration of computing power and redundancy makes the CAR-5000 suitable for high-performance networking applications, such as UTM, IPS, IDS, anti-virus, firewall, VPN and content filtering.


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