Triad Processor Has Precision Analogue Features

Triad has launched what is said to be the first ARM Cortex-M0 processor combined with high-resolution, high-precision analogue resources: 16-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC and uncommitted op-amps. The TSX1001, implemented on the Mocha-1 platform, provides the performance and low-power 32-bit processing of the ARM Cortex-M0 processor, combined with high-precision analogue features.

Mocha-1 is based on Triad's silicon-proven via-configurable array (VCA) technology, which allows embedded system designers to customise processor, analogue and digital features with lower power consumption and greater system cost savings than last-generation ASIC solutions.

The TSX1001 is a single-chip, mixed-signal processor that an embedded product developer can use to measure sensors and control actuators in products such as accelerometers, automatic meter readers, temperature sensors, capacitive touch inputs, touch screens, medical sensors and other devices requiring analogue and processor resources integrated into small spaces using small, low-power batteries.


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