Traka Key Management System For Small Fleets

Traka has launched a variation of its key management system, making it cost-effective for small fleets of fork trucks or other mechanical handling equipment. The company's fork truck management solution is designed to ensure that only authorised drivers have access to vehicles. The small fleet system works without the need for software or Traka key cabinets, keeping it simple and affordable. Most fork trucks are delivered with a conventional key, often keyed alike to the next truck.

Keys are not required to ensure trucks can be disabled when not in use, but very often the keys are left permanently in the ignition, allowing any person the opportunity to drive the vehicle. Even if keypads are fitted, there is a risk that a common PIN number can be used or that drivers learn another operator's PIN number, creating a compromise to health and safety compliance, and security. Traka's solution relies upon intelligent electronic keys - Ifobs - that can not be copied and which carry a user's unique profile.

Ifobs operate in conjunction with a variation of the Traka Immobilisor, as used in all other Traka fork truck management systems. With the company's small fleet system, the supervisor has complete control over which trucks each driver may operate. Each driver has an individual Ifob and updating the Ifob to change access permissions takes seconds. The Ifobs are hardwearing, nickel-plated brass tubes designed to work in wet, cold stores and hot environments. Each one also has a numbered security tag attached to ensure immediate identification if an Ifob is mislaid.

Supervisors have a special Service Ifob, which is used to 'teach' the drivers' Ifobs which trucks they may operate. Each driver can be given access to a different range of trucks, depending on their skills and experience; once an Ifob is programmed with an individual driver's access permissions it becomes that driver's personalised key. Each Ifob can be taught to activate from a single truck up to 50 trucks at any one time and this information is permanently carried in the Ifob until cancelled. Lost Ifobs are easily replaced and quickly reprogrammed.

Traka's small fleet system is said to be low cost, easy to install and should not compromise any warranty or maintenance agreements. All that is required is a Traka Immobilisor, installed under the dashboard of each truck, plus a receptor socket, which replaces the conventional key switch. The controller includes a built-in DC/DC converter, which ensures a 12V supply if a truck is a 24V or even 48V model. As long as there is power available, Traka's Immobilisor can be fitted to any equipment on site and can even be used to activate other plant and equipment, doors, cleaning machines, cherry pickers, dock levellers, compactors, baling machines and so on. The small fleet system can be easily upgraded to a more advanced system at a later date if required.


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