Thame Details Comprehensive Chuck-Jaw Range

Thame Workholding offers a comprehensive range of chuck jaws, with its latest catalogue running to 172 pages. Soft jaws are now available in more than 600 sizes and styles, including standard, pointed, high, wide, steel, and aluminium. Thame Workholding's catalogue features standard ranges of hard and soft jaws to suit chucks from leading manufacturers and covering around 80 per cent of end-user requirements. For the remaining 20 per cent, the company has the experience necessary to design and manufacture dedicated workholding solutions for all types of machining application and virtually any shape of workpiece.

Standard ranges such as quick-change jaws, which convert a standard power chuck into a quick jaw change chuck; Inogrip jaws, which secure the workpiece by locking their precise tooth form into defined pre-stamped identical indentations of the workpiece; and multi-point rocker jaws, which overcome problems associated with thin-walled components, are regularly updated and extended. Thame Workholding's TEC quick change jaw system for 1.5mm x 60 metric serrated power chucks, for example, now comprises six sizes of hardened intermediate jaws, which are mounted to a power chuck's existing base jaws.

Each intermediate jaw features a specially designed mounting that, in turn, allows inexpensive soft top jaws - 13 types in all - to be fitted or exchanged within a few seconds with the push of a button. A high level of repeatability (0.020mm) is said to guarantee all the advantages of a quick-change chuck but at a fraction of the cost. The extended Inogrip range, which allows stamped workpieces to be re-inserted into the jaws with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.005mm, is said to offer a number of advantages, including the option of using one jaw set for both roughing and finishing operations.

Because workpieces need only be clamped on 6mm of material rather than the 20-25mm required with other chuck jaws, there is less material wastage, and the chuck pressure needed to secure the workpiece is less (down to one-tenth of the normal requirement). Multi-point rocker jaws are now available to suit a range of chucks, including large vertical chucks up to 3m capacity, and are said to be ideally suited to thin-walled components such as rings. First, they spread the clamping force to six points (or 12 points for special designs), gripping equi-distance around the component and countering any tendency to 'tri-lobing' while improving out-of-roundness to an acceptable level.

Second, the floating rocking arms allow a part to self-centre, thereby compensating for irregularities in castings and forgings. The majority of Thame Workholding's standard jaws are manufactured from either 080M15 low-carbon steel or 590M17 (16Nn Cr5) alloy steel and can be case-hardened for long-term durability. Other materials, including aluminium, plastics and composites, can be specified by the customer but are classified as 'specials'. Every item is backed by a no-quibble guarantee, with same-day despatch of standard products from stock for orders placed before 15:00.


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