Stemmer Releases Remote-Control VB-2 HD Camera

Stemmer Imaging's VB-2 HD camera is based on the Sony FCB-H11 10x zoom module and provides component HD to 1080i. Measuring just 70mm in diameter and 90mm in length, the camera is an ideal choice for a variety of industrial, multi-media and broadcast applications that require a high-performance camera in a lightweight, miniature package. The onboard microphone makes the unit suitable for video communication systems and connectivity can be customised to ensure easy connection to existing video-conferencing equipment.

The powerful 10x zoom lens also contains a day/night switching function, turning the camera into an IR-sensitive device for low-light applications. The supplied splitter box allows all signals from the 1.5m cable to be routed to appropriate locations and can also be upgraded to include an optional HDSDI interface board. Sony's Visca protocol is used for remote control of all features and functions. The camera is provided with a flexible bracket that allows convenient mounting on top of a monitor, desktop or tripod. For locations that challenge the standard zoom range, wide angle or tele-converters can be attached using the 37mm filter thread.


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