Sealed Air Develops Seven-Micron Shrink Film

Sealed Air has introduced the Cryovac CT-301, an ultra-thin, high-performance shrink film. Cryovac CT-301 is based on a new Sealed Air technology platform enabling the down gauging of shrink films up to twice the thickness. Sealed Air is now able to offer a seven-micron shrink film, which provides: proven performance - 13-15 micron properties in a seven micron film; combination of strength, tear and burn resistance; enhanced seal strength and durability; versatility across a broad range of shrink equipment; excellent optics and clarity; plus fewer changeovers to improve operational efficiency and improve uptime.

Sealed Air's environmental performance efforts have focused primarily on reducing the amount of waste material produced from the packaging operation. CT-301 represents an advance in source reduction and reduced carbon footprint due to its ultra-thin structure. This film reduces the number of cores, cartons, pallets, warehouse space and shipping costs, while providing the same area of film. In addition to reducing carbon footprint due to less material, CT-301 offers the following sustainable advantages: ultra-thin, strong structure; ability to replace materials up to double the thickness; and lower tunnel temperatures.

'Longer length rolls and operational efficiencies are something our customers constantly ask for and we are pleased to be able to deliver a high performance film that enables many operational benefits such as fewer roll changeovers, less storage space and longer production runs,' said Helios Ruiz, marketing director for shrink packaging Europe. Sealed Air's standard roll lengths are up to 2.6km longer than 15 micron single-wound film, yet provide similar performance with compatible applications.


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