Schott Exhibits Pictures By PC Software For Design

Schott Systeme will be using the Metav exhibition in Dusseldorf to showcase the latest version of its Pictures by PC software for design and machining. This latest release is to include numerous additions to the company's existing full machine-simulation module. By displaying machining directly from generated NC code, this visualisation of milling as it occurs on the shop floor helps to eliminate errors in damaged parts, fixtures and machine crashes.

New additions to this module will include improved collision detection of the machine head against the part and table. The Arix V450 five-axis machining centre will also be added to Schott's available machines. The latest version of Pictures by PCs integrated hybrid surface, solid and mesh modelling tools will also be presented at Metav. Improvements in this area will see the core modeller itself being updated to provide a more tolerant environment for the construction and repair of complex solid and surface components.

To compliment this, customers having to work with scanned or STL data will have access to a suite of tools to aid the analysis, repair and modification of mesh models. Schott Systeme is put a price freeze on its complete CAD/CAM solution. The company will maintain its policy of offering free technical support without the need to purchase a yearly maintenance contract.


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