Procast Machines Have 6m Turning Capacity

IMT has introduced the Procast range of large vertical turning machines at the Milan EMO exhibition. Models in the range include machines capable of turning 6m-diameter parts that weigh up to 100 tons. IMT manufactures a complete series of machines - ranging from small machines used for the production of pistons to the large ones used for the production of enormous turbines.

IMT manufactures several ranges of vertical turning lathes - the VBM Procast Line of machines being the largest. These machines range from a turning capacity of 2.5m up to the largest model that will accept parts up to 6m in diameter. This machine has a maximum turning height of 4m, with a spindle power rating of 150kW of constant power. To handle the extremes of power and weight, the machine's double central column and mobile cross rail are reinforced to ensure maximum rigidity and eliminate torsion bending and vibrations, even when the machine is running at full power.

An optional vertical and/or right-angled 37kW milling head is available to allow for high-capacity milling operations. Procast lathes may also be equipped with an optional grinding spindle. Tool changing is performed using single or multiple rotary-disc or horizontal or vertical chain-type tool loaders, and part loading via palletisers is also possible. The IMT lathes may also be specified with twin vertical slides.


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