Permabond Adhesive Has Fast Fixture Time

Permabond 820 is a modified ethyl cyanoacrylate that has a fast fixture time and temperature resistance up to 200C. This makes it suitable for bonding components in position on dual-sided PCBs prior to wave soldering. Permabond 820 is colourless, with a viscosity of 100CPS. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are single-component adhesives that cure by reacting to small traces of moisture on the surface of the substrates being bonded.

Permabond has a complete line of cyanoacrylates that provide adhesion to different substrates, meeting many application needs with various viscosity, colour, temperature-resistance, gap-filling, cure-speed and compatibility properties available as stock or custom formulation.

The company also manufactures cyanoacrylates (instant adhesives), anaerobics (for threadlocking, retaining, gasketing and pipe sealing), structural adhesives (one or two component epoxies and toughened acrylic adhesives) and UV-visible curable adhesives.


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