Oxford Improves Endpointing On Plasma Etch Tools

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has announced improved endpointing capability on its range of plasma etch and deposition tools, with the introduction of the CCD1 Spectrometer system. The CCD1 is capable of providing a process endpointing capability and UV/VIS spectrum capture, and is available as a standard option on all new tools or as an upgrade option for existing Oxford Instruments customers.

This spectrometer is designed to provide a cost-effective route to general-purpose endpointing and spectroscopy, without compromising on resolution or signal strength. The CCD1 is a UV/VIS CCD spectrometer that can monitor a range of plasma emissions over wavelengths 200-880nm. This unit can be used in one of two ways: process endpoint detection via OIPT's PC2000 software or full spectrum viewing and recording. This provides the user with detailed plasma spectroscopy information, which can be used for monitoring the concentrations of species within the plasma.

The spectra can also be compared to previous spectral data - for system monitoring, fault detection and potential fault classification. Now available as a system option on new OIPT etch and deposition tools, the CCD1 spectrometer may also be offered as an upgrade to systems in the field - dependent on the system age, type and configuration.


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