Mydata Roadshow Promotes Solder-Jet Printing

With its 2010 roadshow, Mydata is bringing a live demonstration of the benefits of solder-jet printing to prospective users. The roadshow uses a vehicle equipped with a complete and fully operational SMT production line, so that visitors can see the latest solder jet and pick-and-place technology in action. They are invited to bring samples of their own circuit boards and CAD data, which the Mydata team will use in the demonstrations.

The roadshow presentations are tailored to meet the needs of those who are attending, but typical benefits that will be demonstrated include jetting paste into cavities, solving problems relating to package-on-package, pin-in-paste and QFN components, and reducing costs by eliminating the need for stencils. Those attending the roadshows will also see how working with a completely software-driven SMT line allows manufacturers to take an order in the morning and deliver finished boards the same afternoon.

In addition to the MY500 solder-jet printer, the Mydata roadshow vehicle is equipped with the latest MY100 DX pick-and-place machine (34.000cph). This combines high throughput with placement precision and fast product changeover. A vapour-phase facility completes the vehicle's installation and allows the boards to be soldered.


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