Modulam System Reduces Press-Tooling Costs

Midland Tool and Design has launched the Modulam system, which it claims will reduce lead times and press-tooling costs. The Modulam system, available since 1 December, is said to be able to halve conventional tooling costs through using a dedicated die set and modular components that suit the tooling configuration. Once the die has been set in place, the savings are estimated to be up to 50 per cent, compared with the traditional dedicated tooling approach.

Midland Tool and Design said the lower costs ensure less time is spend in manufacturing, thereby cutting lead times, and the accuracy of the system is said to eliminate the need to re-qualify parts at the production stage - all prototypes produced are to the customer's final specification. The Modulam system is said to be ideal for small- and medium-volume projects, and is particularly suited to prototyped stamped laminations because it eliminates the need for photo or laser etching.

Darren Booton, managing director of Midland Tool and Design, said: 'Modulam combines a tooling holder, which can be used in either our Bruderer 50tonf, 60tonf or Bliss 200tonf presses, with bespoke tooling elements designed and manufactured in-house. 'These elements can be made from steel or carbide, depending on the client's requirements,' he added.


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