Mentor Technology Provides Work-Order Management

Mentor Engineering has supplied technology to Pason Systems, a provider of rental oilfield instrumentation systems for use on land-based drilling and service rigs. The system selected includes Mentor Ranger mobile computers in the vehicles and Mentor Streets Oil and Gas in the office, which integrates with Pason's existing service application. Streets Oil and Gas provides Pason with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)/GPS, captures telematic data and includes event-management and reporting capabilities.

In conjunction with Mentor Streets Oil and Gas, Mentor Ranger mobile computers offer work-order management to increase efficiency. If one of Pason's customers has problems with their equipment, field technicians can initiate service calls directly from Ranger. The Mentor solution enables help-desk analysts to enter the information and immediately forward it to the field technician, eliminating the need to call the technician while he is driving.

Mentor has also established an interface to a satellite modem, which guarantees that Ranger units are always in contact with the office, improving safety and connectivity. In addition to simplifying the handoff of service call information, the custom-built mobile application running on Ranger features private road routing, well site and Legal Subdivision (LSD) coordinate lookup capability. In the vehicle, Pason's Field Technicians simply enter the well site or LSD coordinates and Ranger provides turn-by-turn directions to the location.


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