Mag-Mate Interconnect Reduces FHP Motor Costs

Tyco Electronics has released the Mag-Mate insulation displacement crimp (IDC) interconnection system - a cost-effective interconnect for fractional horsepower (FHP) motor manufacturers. The product drives cost reduction, as the same part number qualifies for termination of both copper and aluminium magnet wires. Fabrizio Longo, Tyco Electronics' product manager, said: 'Many medium- and high-volume manufacturers of FHP motors for appliance, heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment are evaluating a switch from copper to aluminium magnet wire to reduce raw-material costs.

'Copper contributes on average about 30 per cent to the overall production cost of an FHP electric motor. 'Switching from copper to aluminium conductors can also reduce transportation costs, as aluminium is about one-third of the weight of copper. 'Our interconnection system allows manufacturers to easily and cost-effectively bridge the transitions many are making from copper to aluminium magnet wires,' he added. Aluminium conductors have approximately 61 per cent of the conductivity and a small fraction of the tensile strength of their copper counterparts.

Handling properties also differ, as the softer aluminium lacks the resiliency of copper. The Mag-Mate IDC connector system compensates for these differences by providing a stable, long-term termination of aluminium magnet wire - possible because of two IDC slots that provide four gas-tight points of contact (two on each beam). The Mag-Mate connector system simultaneously terminates two magnet wires of the same size in one terminal. It uses IDC technology to reduce assembly costs by eliminating soldering or stripping.

The UL-recognised product terminates wire sizes ranging from 34 to 12AWG for maximum flexibility. Product offerings include multiple lead-wire attachment options and special versions that mate with Rast 2.5 IDC connectors. This product range also offers slim-line and mini solutions to meet the needs of customers with space constraints. Specific applications of the product include motor windings, coil and bobbin connections, transformer windings and lighting ballasts.


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