Kail Acquires Machining Centres From Leader CNC

Kail has acquired a Matsuura H+630 twin-pallet horizontal machining centre and a Toshiba TMF-10 Vertical Turning Centre from Leader CNC. With a 26kW table motor and an 11kW spindle motor set upon a fully cast base that gives the TMF-10 an overall weight of over 11 tonnes, the Toshiba met rigidity and power requirements. Ray Welsh, Kail general manager, said: 'We had to consider the work envelope of the machine and, above all, the ability to machine as many faces as possible without repeatedly re-setting the castings.

'The Toshiba has a rotating 1m bed with a 700mm working height that gives us sufficient working space, which drastically reduced setup times. The setups are further reduced and production cycles improved, with a 24-tool carousel with driven tooling that enables the subcontractor to maintain its tool settings for its 20 to 30 castings that incorporate hundreds of internal component variations. He added: 'The bores on the castings vary from 2 to 8in diameter and this demands heavy machining on difficult materials.

'The Toshiba has BT50 taper tooling that conveniently interchanges with the new Matsuura and, when fitted into an extremely rigid and robust machine, our tool life is drastically improved. 'The rigidity of the Toshiba TMF-10 has improved surface finishes and production time, while improving tool life by over 100 per cent. 'We can now take 4-5mm deep cuts with confidence in the rigidity and power of the Toshiba. Welsh added: 'This has improved tool life over 100 per cent and cycle times by over 50 per cent.

The machine operators are also said to be finding the Fanuc 18iT control system extremely user friendly. The graphics system on the control simplify processes, while the canned cycle programme simplifies drilling and tapping on a PCD. Added to this is the capability to utilise the Toshiba TMF-10 as a turning centre, as well as a machining centre. Leader CNC installed the machine tool to the specific needs of Kail. This involved moving the coolant sump to the side of the machine from the front to enable a fork lift to load and unload heavy components into the work envelope.


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