Igus Specifies Rail-Guidance System For Laser Firm

Igus has specified its Drylin rail-guidance system for Global Laser's laser-alignment system. At the initial project consultation with Global Laser, Igus proposed using Drylin linear bearings, guides, slides and slide tables. Drylin systems are engineered to run dry, which means that they self-lubricate and are dirt-repellent and rugged.

Without the need for lubricants or maintenance, grease lines are eliminated from the design entirely. The resulting laser-alignment guide-rail design integrates the Drylin W with clamp, Drylin SLW leadscrew system and Drylin ZLW belt-drive system. The Iglidur J material used for the linear guide is said to ensure excellent coefficients of friction for smooth and precise movements over design lifetime.

Since dirt, dust and other abrasives cannot be drawn into the bearing surface, Drylin is suitable for aggressive environments, as well as for high-moisture, wash-down and underwater applications. Drylin can also be employed in other hostile environments, such as those found in the food-processing and paper-converting industries.


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