Hitachi Releases Trio Of Letterbox TFT Displays

Hitachi Display Products has announced the availability of a trio of letterbox-format 8:3 aspect ratio TFT display modules. Two 6.2in TFT displays are available: the TX16D18VM2CAB features a resolution of HSVGA (800 x 300 pixels) while the TX16D11VM2CAC features a resolution of HVGA (640 x 240 pixels). Also introduced is a 10.2in TFT display featuring a resolution of HSVGA (800 x 256 pixels).

Bright, colourful images are produced due to the optical performance provided by the white LED backlight - featuring a brightness of 350cd/m and a contrast ratio of 200:1. To aid the development of graphical user interfaces, touch-panel versions of both 6.2in displays are available: the TX16D11VM2CQC (HVGA) and TX16D18VM2CQB (HSVGA). All versions of the 6.2in display modules feature the same mechanical and electrical specifications: with mechanical outline dimensions of 173.0 (w) x 70.0 (h) x 7.0mm (d) and a 40-pin 18-bit RGB CMOS interface - which enables a colour palette of up to 262K colours.

The compact 6.2in display module weighs 110g. The 10.2in TX26D89VM2BAA features a resolution of HSVGA (800 x 256 pixels), mechanical dimensions of 260.2 (w) x 96.2 (h) x 10.55mm (d) and weighs 240g. Other features include an industry-standard 18-bit RGB CMOS data interface and a CCFL backlight, providing a brightness of 350cd/m and a contrast ratio of 500:1. Typical applications for these 8:3 letterbox-format displays include fitness equipment, hand-held instrumentation, process-control panels, gaming and amusement machines.


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