Hexagon Launches Jogbox Input Device For CMMs

Hexagon Metrology has released the Universal Jogbox, a hand-held input device for Brown and Sharpe, and Sheffield-branded Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs). Incorporating a touch-screen interface with an ergonomic design and soft-touch materials, the Jogbox was designed to withstand industrial use, with improved resistance to drops and similar shocks. The Jogbox uses a combination of traditional mechanical 'hard' buttons, dials and a joystick, along with an industrial colour touch screen for 'soft' contextual input and output.

Traditional mechanical inputs are suitable for speed control and machine movement, while the touch screen is highly configurable. The screen was developed to accommodate gloved-hand operation, with widely spaced buttons. The touch-screen controls employ universal symbology for enhanced usability across many languages. For users that prefer the button layout of the existing Brown and Sharpe or Sheffield joysticks, a touch-screen layout is available that duplicates the old-style button types and labels.

An upgrade version of the Universal Jogbox is offered with features to interact directly with PC-DMIS software, avoiding the need to move back and forth between the CMM and computer screen and keyboard. Many PC-DMIS operator prompts can be viewed and answered directly from the Universal Jogbox. For CMMs that include an automatic indexing probe head, the probe head's index angles can be modified directly from the hand-held device. The Jogbox is immediately available with machine shipments from Rhode Island and as a replacement upgrade for old-style jogboxes for most late model Brown and Sharpe, and Sheffield CMMs.


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