HBM Improves K-OP Optical Strain Gauges

HBM has improved its K-OP optical strain gauges (SGs), making them suitable for more applications when compared to electrical SGs. They are, for example, suited to material tests of new fibre composites, with tests of up to 10 million load cycles with an alternating strain of +/-5.000um/m now possible. K-OP optical SGs are based on fibre Bragg gratings, which measure strain using pure optical techniques without the need for any electrical signals.

This makes the optical SGs suitable for use in explosive atmospheres, where electro-magnetic interference is present, or in high-voltage applications without problems. In addition, several optical SGs can be attached to a fibre, enabling the implementation of parallel measurements. Glass fibre lengths of several hundred meters are possible. Using optical SGs for data acquisition and evaluation is simple, with a complete range of components available for all applications from HBM.

These range from optical SGs with the appropriate accessories, via interrogators, to HBM's data-acquisition software Catman AP, which includes an Easy Optics module for optical SGs. Users receive a data sheet with optical strain gauges that include the gauge factor for each individual SG, as tested by HBM to meet the latest VDI/VDE2660 requirements.


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