FICEP CNC Angle Line Works Statue Parts

FICEP has revealed that its HP16T6 CNC angle line is being used by Hadfab to produce the steelwork for a statue designed by sculptor Antony Gormley. The 25m high statue, depicting a crouching man, will be completely constructed from steel angle profiles produced by Hadfab on the FICEP machine. The machine is said to have numerous optional extras available and can be configured to meet the customer's precise requirements.

FICEP claimed that the new technology incorporated in this machine, combined with the in-feed transfer speed of up to 100m/min gives it a clear advantage, The machine can be equipped with automatic feeding and loading, punching, drilling with tool changer, notching, marking utilising cassette or individual characters, quick-change punch and die sets, quick-change shear blades, and automatic part unloading for the out-feed conveyor.

It is further enhanced with the Steel Projects software suite. The machine was purchased specifically for this contract and brings the total number of FICEP machines operated by Hadfab to four. There are many challenges to be overcome with this complicated structure and Tekla software was used after the initial shape was designed in collaboration with Cambridge University. The model is then detailed in Tekla structures and interfaced with Steel Projects Winsteel to produce machine codes for the FICEP angle line.

The material is punched and sheared to length by the equipment and skilled, labour-intensive shaping of the material is done to form up to 550 nodes consisting of up to 27 angles meeting together to form locating points around the structure. These are to be joined together with longer angles bolted and welded in position. In total there will be 4,400 holes punched in the angle profiles and the total weight of the structure will be 60 tonnes. The statue is scheduled to take 18 months to complete.


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