EZV Line Shafts Enable Manual Phase Adjustment

The EZV series of adjustable line shafts is said to provide a convenient location for manual phase adjustment along a mechanical drive system. Making use of a high-strength intermediate collar between two telescoping sections of precision tubing, the EZV naturally places the location for phase adjustment in an easily accessible, open space. Due to the relatively large outside diameter of the drive tubing, the EZV also provides for a more secure clamping connection than would exist when clamping over standard diameter motor and gearbox shafts.

Length adjustability also results from this design, making the EZV reusable in different machine layouts and easier to install - especially with certain alternate hub designs such as EK7 expanding mandrels and EK6 high-strength conical clamp ends. For any size, the EZV can also be made with ZAE torsionally rigid bellows couplings or with integral ES2 mechanical torque limiters. Standard EZV line shafts are available with torque ratings of up to 1,200Nm and lengths of up to 4m.


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