Delcam Software Develops Composites Chair

Delcam's CAD/CAM software has been used by Ambler Technologies to develop a composites chair for Trelleborg. A project was needed to illustrate the machinability and finish quality of Trellborg's TB400 low-density epoxy tooling board and Ambler was selected to produce the design. The model had to incorporate complex shape and compound curvature, as well as having to be finished to the highest standard.

The design was developed using Delcam's Powershape CAD system, which was able to generate quickly the smoothly flowing curves making up the shape. After the design was approved, sections were taken from the 3D model to enable the material to be rough cut to an approximate size. The component parts were bonded together and then machined with programs generated from the Powermill CAM software. After final polishing, an epoxy surface coating was added. The final chair was shipped to Paris and appeared on the Trelleborg stand at the 2009 JEC exhibition.


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