Deep-Draw Lubricant Aids Tube Forming

John Neale has solved a difficult tube-forming process for an automotive tool maker that was asked to develop tooling for a stainless-steel exhaust component. Using the mandrel forming process created massive metal flow and made huge demands on the lubricant. After a two-week search for a lubricant from existing suppliers that could lubricate this process, the tool maker needed to find a solution and contacted John Neale to ask for advice.

John Neale was sent out samples of Superdraw 42-SL and Superdraw STDev+ so that tests could be carried out as quickly as possible. Superdraw 42-SL was found to give acceptable performance and the company was finally able to draw components. Superdraw 42-SL was then supplied to the manufacturer to start production of the exhaust component.


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