Curtis Launches Dual-Spindle Grinding Machine

Curtis Machine Tools has introduced a dual-spindle grinding machine, the Vector Twin. The model retains all the key features of the Vector, such as small footprint for more production per square metre of floor space and a fast and versatile integral loading system.

Configured for grinding a Diesel Fuel Injection Nozzle component, the Vector Twin exhibited on the Tecno Team stand at Grindtec will be fitted with a standard Curtis three-axis Cartesian automatic loading/unloading system and two-draw pallet system. The Vector Twin is designed for very high-volume production and allows two or more processes to be performed concurrently.

For example: loading while grinding or performing a post-machining process such as de-burring or gauging, unloading then re-loading while grinding. Within the overall cycle time for each workpiece, the machine will typically achieve a non-grinding time of 2sec. The Vector Twin's spindles are mounted in a rotating drum and are separated by a dividing plate that forms a seal between the clean and grinding areas.

At the end of each grinding cycle the drum rotates through 180deg to introduce the next workpiece to the grinding wheel. A magnetic breakaway joint included on the Vector Twin protects the vertical gripper slide of the loader in the event of a loading error. As with the standard Vector, components can be feed in various ways, such as robot, vibratory bowl feeder, hopper or pallet.


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