Cherry VN1015 Sensors Resist Moisture And Dust

ZF Electronics has introduced the Cherry VN1015 digital vane sensors, which are immune to moisture and dust. These digital sensors are magnetically operated, which means there are no mechanical contacts that can be worn out, ensuring extra-long product life and reliability. Models in the VN1015 series are available either with three-pin sink output or with 24 AWG terminations. They cope with operating and storage temperatures from -40C up to +125C, depending on the model.

VN1015 digital vane sensors have glass-filled polyester sensor bodies suitable for vane parameters with low-carbon material at least 0.040in (1.016mm) thick, which should penetrate to a depth greater than 0.120in from the bottom of the sensor slot. Open collector (sinking or NPN) outputs enable them to be used with bipolar or CMOS logic circuits with a suitable external pull-up resistor. Maximum operating speed is 25kHz. Reverse battery protection is provided to -24V DC.

Model VN101501 has a three-pin sink output with a maximum output current of 25mA. Operating voltage range is 4.5V DC to 24V DC connected to a supply current of 6mA (maximum). Operating temperature range is -40C to +85C. For higher operating and storage temperatures up to +125C, VN101502 sensors also have three-pin sink terminations and operate over a voltage range of 5V DC to 24V DC. Two three-wire sink models are available with three-wire flying lead terminations (24AWG x 150mm leads).

VN101503 has an operating voltage of 4.5V DC to 24V DC and is suitable for applications operating over a temperature range of -40C to +85C. For more extreme environments, VN101504 operates over a voltage range of 5.0V DC to 24V DC and withstands storage and operating temperatures of between -40C and +125C.


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