cDAQ Modules Provide Signal-Conditioning Network

HBM has announced the release of its Somat cDAQ rugged, mobile CAN-based data-acquisition modules. At 35 x 217 x 50mm, the compact cDAQ modules provide a flexible distributed network of HBM signal conditioning in any environment and weather condition. Engineered to operate within temperatures ranges of -40 to 125C with an IP67 protection class rating, the compact cDAQ modules allow users to take measurements directly in difficult test objects.

These can include engine enclosures, gearboxes, pumps, power generation and many industrial applications. This reduces installation time, cabling and test setup while lowering overall product testing costs. The flexible cDAQ modules are compatible with any CAN ISO 11898 2.0B-based system or vehicle network and have a selectable baud rate from 20kbps to 1Mbps. Connecting multiple modules through the CAN bus allows for nearly unlimited channel counts, covering distances up to 250M. cDAQ modules are powered from a DC power source from 8 to 36V.

Once power is applied to the first module, it is distributed through the rest of the network. Although well matched with any CAN network, cDAQ modules are optimally designed to interface with the HBM SoMat eDAQ or eDAQlite rugged, mobile data-acquisition systems. cDAQ modules are available in 16-channel isolated thermocouple configurations, cDAQ-ITC, for K-, J- or T-type thermocouples. Each channel has individual cold junction compensation fully isolated up to 500V, with an accuracy of +/-0.5C.

Selectable sample rates are available for each channel from 0.1 to 15Hz. The cDAQ-ITC also has digital and analogue filtering to remove high-frequency signal components above 50Hz and notches at 50 and 60Hz to prevent aliasing at the power-line frequency bands.


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