Box-Container Dumper Forms Dust-Tight Seal

The Box-Container Dumper forms a dust-tight seal between the container and the equipment, tips the container and discharges bulk material through a chute at controlled rates. Part of Flexicon's Tip-tite range of dumpers, the Box-Container Dumper accommodates boxes and bins from 915 to 1,220mm on a side and 990 to 1,120mm overall height. The container platform is raised by a single hydraulic cylinder, creating a dust-tight seal between the top edge of a box (or rim of a drum) and the underside of the containment hood.

Twin hydraulic cylinders then pivot the platform-hood assembly, with container intact, to 45, 60 or 90deg beyond horizontal, including a motion-dampening feature at the termination of container rotation. An optional, gasketted, top discharge gate, actuated by twin pneumatic cylinders, provides a large opening with chute for the passage of non-free-flowing bulk solids, which may otherwise bridge across smaller openings, allowing control of the material discharge.

The dumper is constructed of stainless steel to food, pharmaceutical or industrial standards and of mild steel with durable industrial coatings. It is available with optional receiving hoppers configured with the company's mechanical or pneumatic conveyors to transport discharged material to any plant location.


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