Bluetooth Module Has 1,000m Range

2001 Electronic Components has released the WT41 long-range Bluetooth module. The WT41 offers a range of 1,000m between two WT41 Bluetooth modules and utilises Bluegiga's radio frequency design methodologies. The WT41 comes with Bluegiga's Iwrap firmware providing users with simple software integration without the need for the Bluetooth protocol or profile development.

Iwrap is an embedded Bluetooth stack firmware for Bluegiga's Bluetooth. It enables a powerful command interface to manage Bluetooth operations. Standard HCI over UART/USB is available as well as the possibility to develop custom firmware. Key features of the WT41 include Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR compliant, fully integrated Bluetooth radio with Bluetooth stack and profiles, plus the option of high-efficiency chip antenna or U.FL connector.

The WT41 modules has a transmit power of +20dBm and implements a low noise amplifier, improving the modules sensitivity down to -90dBm. Supported Bluetooth profiles for the WT41 using Iwrap firmware include SPP, DUN, HFP, HSP, HID, AVRCP, DI, PBAP, OPP, FTP and HDP, along with standard HCI over UART or USB. The WT41 is targeted at numerous applications including M2M, medical and industrial devices, point-of-sales systems and automotive diagnostic units, where performance and reliability of the data or audio connection is essential. The link remains connected even in the most demanding situations, avoiding sudden no coverage situations.


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