ASC Solution Reduces Food Company's Overheads

Pasta Concepts is on track to reduce its overheads by 20 per cent, following the implementation of its Access Supply Chain solution. The combination of greater traceability, improved resource planning and reduction in manual processes has helped the company to realise a 10 per cent reduction. With the introduction of the Access ERP solution, all information is now centralised, creating visibility across the business and integrating, for example, hand-held barcoding scanners, new product development (NPD) documentation and stock data with the central accounts.

This has allowed the business to see, in real time, the full chain of events - from initial order through to despatch to retailers. The solution also provides additional tools to improve overall planning and design processes. MRP tools has helped Pasta Concepts to meet its three-week turnaround time for bespoke product development. Merging the NPD information along with the warehousing and stock side of the business has given Pasta Concepts the end-to-end traceability it needed.


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