Aimtec LED Drivers Have Rugged Enclosures

Aimtec has unveiled a range of 22 AC/DC constant-current LED drivers in rugged IP67-rated enclosures. The drivers accept a universal input voltage range of 90-264V AC at 47-63Hz, with certain models accepting inputs of 170-250V AC at 40-63Hz. Output voltages range from 2 to 90V DC and short-circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection preserves longevity and performance under fault conditions - even when operated at or near full load.

Constant output currents range from 0.3 to 4A and feature Power Factor Correction (PFC) as high as 0.98, which helps to reduce the power consumption and improve overall energy efficiency of the LED application. With efficient rates as high as 88 per cent, input-to-output isolation up to 3,000V AC and a small form factor, Aimtec's AC/DC LED drivers provide turnkey solutions that minimise the applications' energy costs and carbon footprint.

Functional at an operating temperature range of -40 to 55C at full load, within waterproof and dust-tight IP67 enclosures, these power supplies can withstand water immersion of up to 1m in depth and protect against all dust infiltration. Aimtec's AC/DC LED drivers are designed to be used in street signs, traffic lights, architectural and industrial lighting applications, in addition to major house-hold appliances.


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