16-Bit ADCs Suitable For Environmental Monitoring

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC2470 and LTC2472, a pair of 16-bit delta sigma ADCs that integrate a high-accuracy reference in 3 x 3mm DFN and 12-lead MSOP packages. The company said the devices' integrated 1.25V reference offers 2ppm/C drift performance and 0.1 per cent initial accuracy for precise measurements in space-constrained applications.

Both ADCs are claimed to provide guaranteed 16-bit no-missing-code resolution and selectable 250sps or 1ksps output rate. The LTC2470 and LTC2472 are ideal for system and environmental monitoring and data acquisition systems requiring fast output rates. Operating from a single 2.7V to 5.5V supply, these ADCs are designed to measure single-ended (LTC2470) or differential (LTC2472) sensors via an SPI serial interface. With its internal 1.25V reference, the LTC2470 can measure a single-ended input between 0V and 1.25V, while the LTC2472 is capable of measuring a differential input up to +/- 1.25V.

The devices are claimed to achieve excellent 16-bit DC performance of 2LSB (typical) integral non-linearity error at 250sps, 3uVRMS transition noise and 0.25 per cent gain error (maximum). An integral oscillator eliminates the need for external components to perform conversions. The LTC2470/LTC2472 devices draw 3.5mA supply current during a conversion. After each conversion, the ADC enters a nap mode, reducing supply current to less than 1.5mA (maximum). Supply current can be further reduced by placing the converter in sleep mode to achieve less than 2uA (maximum).

The LTC2470/LTC2472 also incorporate a proprietary input sampling network that reduces the dynamic input current to less than 50nA, making a range of external input protection and filter circuits possible. The LTC2470 and LTC2472 are each offered in small 12-pin 3 x 3mm DFN and MSOP packages. They are available in both commercial and industrial temperature grade versions.


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