Zetasizer µV - Dedicated to Proteins

Add the power of advanced light scattering technology to your size exclusion chromatography system, or use in cuvette mode for large aggregate detection. Uses dynamic light scattering (DLS) to measure molecule size, and scattered light intensity to determine molecular weight.
  • Use as a chromatography detector to measure absolute size and absolute molecular weight by connecting the Zetasizer µV to your SEC system using standard chromatography tubing
  • Use in cuvette mode - simply remove the flow cell from the optics unit and insert a cuvette containing the sample

What makes the Zetasizer µV unique?
  • Dual use as an SEC-LS detector and batch DLS/SLS
  • Rapid, accurate and repeatable results
  • 2µL volume for cuvette measurements
  • 8µL flow cell for SEC-LS
  • Connect to any SEC system for absolute molecular weight and size


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