New OK International Webinar Teaches Convection and Conduction Rework

Here at OK International we are launching a brand new free tutorial webinar designed to help today’s manufacturers learn how to optimize their rework processes. Entitled ‘Reworking Components with Conduction and Convection: A Practical Tutorial’, the webinar will be held on February 2nd at 10am PST/1pm EST /6pm GMT and repeated on February 4th at 10am GMT/ 11am CET.

We are aware that different devices demand different processes and safety procedures. Operators are often given very basic tools and asked to repair many different devices, which can lead to bad practices and quality is often compromised. Therefore this webinar is ideal for Operations Managers, Production Line Supervisors, Engineering Management, Engineers and Assembly Operators. One of the industry’s leading technical experts, Ed Zamborsky, will explain best practice rework techniques and tools that will benefit a variety of end users in different industry segments.

The Webinar will run for one hour, split into easily accessible segments including informative video tutorials. In addition to Ed’s presentation, attendees will also be invited to take part in a Q&A session during which they can take advantage of our speaker’s proven expertise. OK International’s Regional Manager and Soldering & Repair Specialist, Ed Zamborsky is a prominent technology advisor to the company’s Product Development Group. Over the years, he has authored dozens of articles and presented a variety of papers on topics including solder fume extraction, SMT rework, BGA rework and lead-free hand soldering.


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