Outstanding Lubricity and Machine Cleanliness

Now available in the UK is Master Chemical's TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT, a metalworking coolant that has been developed in partnership with major aerospace companies and has since received their full seal of approval. It provides the performance of a premium soluble oil with respect to tool life and minimising residue on machines, parts and gauging.

TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT was judged by one of these aerospace parts manufacturers to be the optimum cutting and grinding product in tests to measure spindle motor load. This is acknowledged as a good method of assessing the effectiveness of coolants at preserving tool life without compromising parts quality.

This new cutting and grinding fluid concentrate is a high lubrication, semi-synthetic micro-emulsion coolant. It provides excellent cooling and mechanical lubrication without chlorinated or sulphurised EP additives.

In the production of aerospace parts this is particularly important as, unlike aluminium, the titanium alloys that are commonly used are poor thermal conductors. The heat generated during the cutting process can therefore dull cutting tools very quickly so good lubrication is essential to extending their life and therefore reducing process costs.

Tool life can also be predicted by measuring built-up edge; the greater BUE, the duller the tool and the shorter its life. In tests against competitor's products TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT showed the lowest average BUE. Indeed, in general, this highly cost-effective product provides the machine friendly characteristics that are the typically associated with a premium TRIM® coolant.

Fast wetting gets the fluid to the point of cut speedily and it fully coats the work piece and chips for superior corrosion prevention. At 10% concentration it provided the highest test score for protecting aluminium, brass and copper. TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT is also particularly well suited for machining and grinding cast iron and is highly effective in mixed metal processing.

Extremely hard water tolerant, this latest addition to the Master Chemical range is also low foaming for use in modern, high pressure CNC machine tools.


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