Lower Fluid Consumption, Better Performance - Russian Manufacturer Benefits from New Grinding Oil

The combined need to improve grinding performance and cost efficiency prompted Russian manufacturing giant, MMPP Salut, to investigate alternative metalworking fluids. After trialling a number of candidates, a product developed by Master Chemical Europe and supplied by their Russian distributor network proved to be the ideal replacement.

MMPP — the Moscow Machine-building Production Plant — Salut is the largest state-owned Russian enterprise specialising in the production and maintenance of aero engines. The organisation is also involved in sea water desalination and solid fuel power generation systems and is part of a conglomerate responsible for domestic gas turbine production.

It was in the production of its aerospace engine components and associated carbide tooling however that MMPP Salut needed to revise its fluid technology. Two well known brands of grinding oils had previously been trialled but whilst the price of one was favourable, its performance wasn't, so management switched to the alternative that simply reversed the problem. It produced good results but was too expensive.

Both products were being used on Reishauer gear grinding machines and Anca 5-axis universal grinders with materials of manufacture predominantly steels and carbide. Typical examples of the poor performance exhibited by the cheaper of the two fluids are inconsistent parts quality, very high consumption of the fluid and misting. Although these issues were resolved by the introduction of the alternative fluid it added 50% more to the cost of production.

Master Chemical Europe has a range of metalworking oils that have been formulated for the specific needs of carbide and HSS profile and flute grinding. The neat oil, TRIM® OG108 that was introduced earlier this year, is one in this family of products and it provided the ideal solution to MMPP Salut's problems.

This top quality product uses a highly refined hydro-cracked base oil to ensure high flash point and anti-mist properties that are far superior to those of other fluids. "This low viscosity oil provides excellent detergency that keeps the customer's grinding wheels clean," explains Master Chemical's District Manager, Yuri Reshmin. "And this, together with excellent workpiece cooling ensures minimal burning throughout the grinding process."

Thanks to TRIM OG108 MMPP Salut is now getting the best of everything, attractive purchase price, lower fluid consumption and optimum parts quality. Yuri Reshmin concludes, "Also MMPP Salut has been able to reduce machine maintenance frequency and parts wastage."


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