12-Fold Driver with Automatic Motor Stalling Detection and Additional LED and PWM Functions

Gleichmann Electronics now offers the new E520.01 12-fold low side driver from ELMOS Semiconductor. The E520.01 is a versatile device that can not only drive up to three unipolar stepper motors, but also DC motors, relays or LEDs.

The device features comprehensive safety and diagnosis functions such as, for example, motor stalling detection, which protects the mechanical components against overload by switching off automatically. Furthermore, an extensive short-circuit protection - including detection, limitation and diagnosis - ensures maximum safety even when driving inductive loads. Each output is monitored independently of each other for short circuits or interruption. Overvoltage and undervoltage switch-off and temperature monitoring complete the extensive safety functions of the E520.01.

For the configuration, drive and diagnosis of stepper motors, the stepper pattern desired by the customer - full step, half step or wave drive - must simply be predetermined via the integrated SPI interface. All other functions are provided automatically by the E520.01.

For driving LEDs or relays, the E520.01 has 3 pre-settable PWM generators whose frequencies are 200 Hz or 25 kHz. The duty cycle allows for linear or logarithmic configuration.

If only 8 channels are required, the E520.03 can be used. The E520.01 (12-fold low side driver) is supplied in a QFN32L5 package, the E520.03 (8-fold low side driver) in a QFN20L5 package. The two devices have the exact same electrical characteristics.


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