VISION™ T5 for Maximum Productivity and a Touch of Simplicity

With its new VISION™ T5 NC Control System, ESAB Cutting Systems is making its cutting machines even more productive and easier to use. This innovative controller allows untrained personnel to program the machine for cutting, marking and bevelling processes via the touch-screen in just a few steps.

The VISION™ T5 controller has been designed with a clear emphasis putting the user first. No in-depth knowledge of cutting technology is required to program the controller thanks to an "Operating Wizard" which intuitively guides the operator through each operational step.

All important information is visualised on the 16:9 format bright, touch-screen which is around 30% larger than conventional industry displays. The VISION™ T5 not only significantly shortens the programming time but also makes it possible for inexperienced operators to configure quickly complex processes and select the optimum cutting programs for fully automated production cycles, the processing of complex inner contours and precision small holes. The input of incorrect parameters, which could result in production errors, is prevented.

The VISION™ T5 controller also includes an EASY shape parts library and the option of remote maintenance and technical support from ESAB. It will make a major contribution to optimising production efficiency.


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