HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans

Swifter® Solar-Powered Industrial Ceiling Fans are the most new and innovative HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) fans on the market. Incorporating patented technology and a cutting-edge airfoil design, our molded fiberglass fan blades are extremely durable, robust and corrosion resistant. The use of proprietary and specialized composite fan blades results in a significantly higher quality fan compared to fans using aluminum or sheet metal blades. See complete list of features and benefits.

The Solar Series Commercial Ceiling Fans are extremely energy efficient. They can circulate large volumes of air using less than 1 KW of power (that's less than some household hair dryers). Furthermore, the fan is a Hybrid system; in the event of limited or no sunlight, the fan system will automatically and seamlessly switch over to grid power. This is an important feature, because it eliminates the need for expensive and clunky backup batteries.

Swifter® HVLS Solar Series is expected to be available in Summer 2011. You may indicate your interest to get more information, pre-order, or resell the Swifter® industrial ceiling fan. We will keep you posted on pricing, specifications, and ship date status.


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