Laser Marking Polypropylene Battery Covers

International Battery (IB) is a green technology company providing environmentally friendly, large format, rechargeable lithium-ion cells and batteries that are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA. Their cell unit arrays can be found in a wide range of places including many stationary applications such as energy storage for neighborhoods or utilities and in mobile applications such as military projects or local transit systems.

The outer covers of their battery cells are made from fire retardant polypropylene (FR PP) and require both in-process and after-the-sale traceability information for each cell. However, traditional adhesive printed labels did not adhere well to the polypropylene surface and were prone to lifting or peeling. While searching for a better, more permanent method of identification, they contacted Synrad and discovered that CO2 laser marking was the perfect solution for them. The laser mark is permanent and easily read, and it also eliminates the consumables inherent in other marking processes, like ink or paper labels, which further reinforces International Battery’s green business philosophy.


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