Penny + Giles Expands JC6000 Joystick Controller Range With Heavy Duty Option

Penny + Giles, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Controls and a designer and manufacturer of position sensors, solenoids, and joystick controllers, has introduced a new heavy-duty, single-axis joystick controller to its JC6000 product range. The company says this is in response to customer feedback and requests for a higher-strength, return-to-centre joystick for use in arduous conditions or applications such as wheeled loaders and heavy plant machinery where high ‘Across Axis’ loads can be an issue.

Commenting on support for existing customers, Kevin Rayment, managing director of Penny + Giles explains: “Joystick controllers manufactured with the standard-strength mechanism will remain in production to support customers’ existing systems and spares requirements.”

The increased strength of the new heavy-duty JC6000 has been achieved by redesigning the body casting, which the company claims has increased across-axis fatigue life by a factor of five. The heavy-duty version will also use a new gaiter designed specifically to accommodate the increased strength of the body casting.

For new applications and to ensure that all Penny + Giles customers can benefit from the improved fatigue performance, the new heavy-duty version is designed be used as an alternative to existing single-axis, spring-return joystick controllers, as both versions share the same panel mounting detail.

The new JC6000 heavy-duty joystick controller is available with long life potentiometer track sensors with auxiliary contacting directional switch tracks, single/dual non-contact Hall-effect sensors (or a combination of both), Can (J1939) and Can-Extended input interfaces and is designed to share all the standard JC6000 handles and grips.

Penny + Giles other popular JC6000 joystick controllers include single-axis friction-hold versions for construction equipment requiring high manoeuvrability; and CAN-bus output options enabling OEMs to improve control systems in off-highway construction, municipal and agricultural vehicles.

In fact, with choices from Hall effect sensors to potentiometer tracks; handles and grips; single-, dual- and multiple-axes; and various IP ratings, Penny + Giles claims that there are over one million configurations available for its JC6000 joystick controller range.


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