Comparing Colours Directly on the Object

The colorSENSOR LT systems with optical fibre connection can be situated very close to the inspection process with the aid of the light guides. By using a light guide to direct the transmitted light and the reflected light to the colour sensor, the sensor itself can be mounted up to 2000 mm away from the inspection process. This means that the system can be adapted flexibly to the task. There are eight different sensor series, ranging from a low-cost entry-level model to a high-precision multi channel system.

With all sensor types, colours can be easily taught by means of teach-in functions and then stored in colour memories with up to 255 memory locations. In addition to the exact colour, tolerance ranges can also be stored. During the colour test, the sensor compares the colour it has been taught with the one currently detected. The results are then made available at digital interfaces as numbers or as OK/NOK statements, by means of switching outputs for the further process control. The user is assisted by parameterization software with a graphical user interface that helps adjust the sensor to the inspection or production process.


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