Vodex Sets the Standard in Welding Electrodes

Murex Welding Products' Vodex MMA welding electrode offers the market a general purpose electrode with improved metallurgical properties. It is aimed at professional welders looking to achieve high quality welding. On the other hand, for many young apprentice welders undertaking basic MMA training at college or in a company welding school, the progression to the pink Murex Vodex electrode marks the end of basic training and the start of advanced training for open root welding runs in pipe and welding in position.

Vodex is a high quality rutile electrode specially designed for horizontal, vertical and overhead welding of mild steel plate and pipe. However, it still maintains the essential characteristics for good downhand or flat position welding. (Vodex stands for: V vertical, O overhead, D downhand welding available (EX) from Murex). It is suitable for mild and medium tensile steel plate and pipe and offers weld metal properties of 47J @ -20 deg C. The diameter range available is 2.0mm – 6.0mm. The electrode holds EN 13479, CE approval for the structural steel users and a number of society approvals including ABS, BV, GL and LR as standard.


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